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Burst Water Main in Andover

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    Burst water mains are one of the most common problems we deal with. A burst water main can be the result of various things, including overgrown tree roots, vehicle accidents, and water leaking underground with no visible signs. If you have spotted a burst water main on a public road, please report it to your local authority as soon as possible.

    A burst water main can be difficult to spot at first – particularly if it is underground. How do I know if there is a burst mains pipe on my property? What happens when there is a burst mains pipe on my property? Who is responsible for repairing a burst pipe?

    burst water main

    What should I do if my property has been flooded by a burst pipe? It’s essential that you contact your insurer first as they will advise how best to manage the damage and what costs could be covered.

    Burst water mains can cause a number of problems for homeowners, including:

      • Structural damage to your property
      • Water damage to your property
      • Flooding in your home or business premises.
      • A burst water main can be a potential health hazard if the water is not cleaned up quickly as it will encourage the growth of mould.

    How do I know there is a burst water main on my property?

    People often assume that a burst water main will show itself in the most dramatic ways, but we don’t usually see a plume of water spurting up from the ground like a geyser, nor is there always a flood that covers the entire area.

    Low water pressure or a sudden drop in pressure may indicate a leak in your main. A burst pipe inside your property may also show itself by water stains appearing on the walls or ceiling or a damp smell that greets you when you enter your home.

    What happens if there is a burst water pipe on your property?

    A burst water main can happen anywhere on your property at any time. If you suspect your property has a leak from the street or pavement, call us, at Pro Blocked Drains, immediately to check for safety reasons before further damage is done to your home or business. We have an emergency hotline which is open 24/7/365 so we are always here to help.

    If you have spotted a burst water main on a public road, please report it to your local authority as soon as possible. You can either contact them directly by phone, email, or through their website. If you have damaged property due to the burst water main then you should also inform them in addition to reporting the incident. The council will then deal with both of these issues for you and other affected households in the area.

    A burst water main can be difficult to spot at first – particularly if it is underground. If you notice any signs of water seeping through your property, however, it’s important that you act quickly.

      • Contacting your local council immediately is one of the first things to do when dealing with a burst pipe. They will send out an inspector who will assess the situation and advise on what needs to be done next.
      • If there are no signs of external flooding, but you suspect that there has been a burst pipe within your home or business premises, contact your insurance company for advice on how to proceed next (try not to panic!). If this happens during business hours, try calling them before 5 pm so that they can speak directly with someone from their claims department who can help guide you through what should happen next in this case (in some cases they may even send out an engineer).
      • In some situations where there may be an ongoing risk of further damage occurring as a result of this incident – such as if pipes under floorboards have been damaged by flooding emanating from outside – then contacting us at Pro Blocked Drains right away is essential too!

    How do I know if there is a burst water main outside my home?

    When a water main bursts, it can leave behind a lot of damage. If you think your home’s been affected by a burst water main, there are some signs to look for:

      • Damp patches on the ground outside your home and/or dampness in the basement or crawl space. This is especially common if you’ve recently experienced heavy rains or flooding.
      • Water seeps up through cracks in cement patios and walkways.
      • Puddles under trees—this could mean that roots have reached into an underground pipe and broken it, causing it to leak into nearby soil-filled pipes (which are called “soakaways”).

    Who is responsible for repairing a burst water pipe?

    When a burst water pipe occurs, you may wonder who is responsible for repairing it. While the answer to this question depends on the location of your burst water main, here are some general guidelines:

      • If your burst pipe is located on a public road or pavement, it is the responsibility of your local authority (such as a city or county) to repair it.
      • If your burst pipe is located within or under your property and causes damage to another part of your property (such as leaking into an adjacent basement), then you are responsible for repairing that damage yourself.
      • If you share a common space with one other apartment building but not two or more buildings, then all owners should split costs equally for all repairs that take place within that common space—and each individual owner can choose whether he/she wants to pay extra for additional services such as installing new sprinkler systems that were not previously present before any excavation work begins in hopes that future leaks will be prevented from occurring again in future years!

    What should I do if my property has been flooded by a burst pipe?

    If your property has been flooded by a burst water main:

      • Call emergency services. (Depending on the situation, you may also want to contact your landlord or building manager.)
      • Remove all electrical appliances from the water and unplug them.
      • If you have a sump pump, turn it on immediately. If not, try to remove as much water as possible with buckets or mops until help arrives.
      • Contact your insurance company for further instructions about filing a claim—it’s important that they know about any damage as soon as possible in order for them to start processing any necessary paperwork so you can get reimbursed for repairs or replacements.

    When it’s time to call the professionals

    Sometimes it is better to call in the professionals straight away. If you have limited time to mess about with the problem, have tried to unblock the drains yourself without success, or water is pouring across your home and it’s threatening to damage your property or even your health.

    That’s when you need our help. Our drain cleaning service is guaranteed to have your drains cleared in no time. We use the latest technology to unblock your drains very quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your property. With CCTV and high-pressure water jetting technology, we can investigate and clear the issue efficiently with minimal disruption to your property.

    This process is conducted in a methodical and thorough manner to ensure that the issue is fully investigated. Our engineers will first use CCTV technology to identify exactly where the blockage is, before using high-pressure water jetting methods to clear it. With this latest technology and equipment, we can offer our clients a fast and efficient service with minimal disruption to their property.

    Our team of trained engineers is equipped with the best drain-cleaning equipment and machinery to ensure that we can clear even the most stubborn blockages from your drains, toilets, and pipes.

    If you have a serious blocked drain problem, call us for help now!

    If you need help with a serious blocked drain problem, call us for help now! Our friendly and professional team will be able to help with any kind of drainage issue that you might have. We offer high-quality services for both residential and commercial clients. We also have 24/7 services available so that we can provide you with the best possible service at any time of day or night.

    Pro Blocked Drains is a nationwide company with engineers in Andover and over 20 years of experience working with all types of drains and pipes, giving us extensive experience in all types of drainage problems.

    There are not many situations or problems we haven’t already come across and resolved!

    Our aim is always to find a solution as quickly as possible without causing you any inconvenience. With Pro Blocked Drains we guarantee you:

      • Fully Qualified Safe Contractor Approved Workers
      • Quick Response Time
      • Full Indemnity Insurance
      • Competitive Prices
      • 24/7 drain services
      • Availability 365 days of the year
      • No Call Out Fee
      • Free Quotations
      • Friendly service
      • Guaranteed Work
      • 5-star rating
      • Peace of mind

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