Pro Blocked Drains is a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year, emergency drainage company providing services for blocked drains. We have a network of local drainage experts covering the UK who can help you with your drain blockage problem.

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Experience the Best in Drain Cleaning Services | Pro Blocked Drains

Experience the Best in Drain Cleaning Services

If you’re in Weymouth and struggling with blocked drains, there’s no need to worry. Pro Blocked Drains is here to provide an efficient and reliable solution with our Picote Chain Cutting service. This state-of-the-art technology is intended to clean and clear your drains, leaving them functioning at their best. Don’t let the inconvenience of a blocked drain disrupt your day. Call us now at 0800 611 82 77 or email us at

Why Choose Picote Chain Cutting?

Revolutionize Your Drain Cleaning with Picote Chain Cutting

At Pro Blocked Drains, we’re proud to offer Picote Chain Cutting, a revolutionary technology that ensures thorough drain cleaning. Unlike traditional methods, Picote Chain Cutting provides a comprehensive solution that tackles drain blockages head-on, eliminating any stubborn sediment or build-up. Whether it’s a residential property or commercial establishment in Weymouth, our expert team is ready to handle your drainage issues efficiently and effectively.

Solving Drainage Issues in Weymouth

Trusted Drainage Solutions with Pro Blocked Drains

In Weymouth, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry of emergency drainage issues and regular maintenance jobs. We understand the inconvenience and disruption caused by blocked drains, and our Picote Chain Cutting service is designed to resolve these issues promptly. Trust us for a service that is not only efficient but also prioritises your satisfaction and peace of mind.

What is Picote Chain Cutting?

Understanding the Power of Picote Chain Cutting

Picote Chain Cutting is a powerful drain cleaning technology that uses a rotating chain mechanism to clear blockages and build-up in the drains. This cutting-edge technology ensures a thorough and intensive clean, reaching even the toughest corners and bends in your drain system. Whether you’re dealing with grease, scale, or tree roots, Picote Chain Cutting can handle it all.

Contact Pro Blocked Drains for Picote Chain Cutting Service

Don’t let a blocked drain disrupt your daily activities. If you’re in Weymouth and need a reliable drainage solution, Pro Blocked Drains is here to help. We offer a professional Picote Chain Cutting service that guarantees an efficient and thorough clean of your drains. Call us now at 0800 611 82 77 or email us at We look forward to providing you with the best in drain cleaning services.

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